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A software engineer based in Seattle, WA and New York, NY, currently working at in Chelsea as a software engineer on the DFP by Google team.

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Welcome to my blog

November 15, 2009

Hi. This is my blog. It's a home-rolled platform built on twisted.web. Why would I roll my own blog system? Because it's fun coding in Python, and since Twisted is my go-to networking library for just about everything these days, I wanted to give it a shot at being my full-stack web server. The twisted.web resource trees seem like a perfect way to drop a blog right in.

import blog

root = resource.Resource()
root.putChild("", Index())
root.putChild("about", AboutMe())
root.putChild("blog_admin", blog.admin_resource())

The platform so far has no name, doesn't handle comments or photos, has no WYSIWYG editor, and doesn't even use a database. It's keepin' it simple. Markdown for formatting. Filesystem for storage (with grep for searching). Photos and comments will come along in due time.

The plan is, once it's a little more developed, to throw it up on github and into the Python repositories, so it's as easy as:

sudo easy_install DarkPortersSweetAssBlogSystem

Who uses twisted.web to run a website? Well, pretty much nobody. That's too bad in my opinion. Twisted is the premier network programming library, so why not serve HTTP with it? If you want slick auto-magic in your web framework, use Rails or ASP.NET (well, in ASP.NET's case I wouldn't say slick). If you want simple explicit hackability, use Python with a minimal framework such as twisted.web.

So that's it, that's my welcome intro. Stay tuned here for blog posts about technology (especially python-related) and about whatever cool stuff I find or code up myself. ✜

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